Marketing and Communication

Many businesses are realising the benefits of using CGI within their marketing campaign. Whether the requirement is photo-realism or artistic creativity, CGI will show your product in the best light. Thanks to its flexibility, CGI offers endless creative opportunity to evoke the desired emotional response.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a powerful communication tool, providing innovative and creative ways to capture the attention of your audience. We tell your story by mixing 2D, 3D, live action and almost everything in between to create a memorable and engaging animation.

Architectural Development

CGI provides the most cost and time effective solution for architects, planners and developers to communicate their projects within the residential and commercial markets. We generate accurate visuals of your project, detailing the desired specifications, layouts and surroundings.

Concept Visualisation

To visually bring your ideas to life is exactly what we are here to do. Our refined methods offer a fast turn around and help make those important decisions along the way without compromising on quality. We are available to work with you as much as required, offering visualisation support throughout the entire project.

Creative Consulting

With extensive knowledge of the latest technology and trends, we are more than happy to discuss your ideas when it comes to developing your project. We can get involved at the very early stages by brainstorming, sketching and storyboarding ideas, working with you at every step to transform your concept into a reality.