Founded in 2012, MINTVIZ is a creative CGI production studio based in Bristol, UK. We can handle almost anything by providing a complete range of visualisation services, from the photo-realistic to more stylised and technical. We have a proven track record for generating viable and creative campaigns for creative agencies, corporate clients, and global brands from the initial idea right up to delivery.


CGI makes any idea possible since the restricting laws of real world photography no longer apply. Using the latest technology for digital imagery and motion graphics, we deliver memorable moments that open up a world of creative personality, where imagination is the only limitation.


Investing in the creation of the CGI assets means that they can be reused time and time again in future projects with the ability to quickly and simply modify or update the current design. CGI allows for a quick turn around and there are no unnecessary expenses for assembling, storing and transportation.


The realism of today's CGI has become so advanced that it is easily mistaken for a photograph. We can visualise very early on within the design process to show you how it will look and react within a realistic environment, allowing you to make important design decisions before committing to the next stage.


CGI provides the perfect environment as you are no longer restricted by location, scale or weather. No project is too big or too small and we have complete control, avoiding any unnecessary setbacks. We can visualise from all angles, different colours and variations without limitation.


We understand that consistency across the range is important. The ever changing lighting conditions of the real world can greatly impact the look and feel of photography. By working with CGI we can freeze time to allow for complete control over lighting, environment and camera position.