One of the topics we often discuss with our clients is why we propose the use of CGI in marketing and advertising and the benefits it has over using traditional methods such as photography and film. We outline below our top five reasons for using CGI in your next campaign whilst offering an insight into how we have used CGI in our projects.


In CGI anything is possible because the restricting physical laws of the real world no longer apply. We can bring a product’s features to life by opening up a world of creative personality, where imagination is the only limitation. CGI will deliver memorable moments across all forms and sizes of digital and printed media.

The K’NEX ‘K-FORCE Build and Blast’ project is a great example of how CGI can be used to create something that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in the real world. Each Blaster product is made up from hundreds of K’NEX pieces and what better way to show the construction than to have the pieces fly out from the box and build the Blaster in mid air as the camera pans around.

Find out more about the project here: K’NEX ‘K-FORCE Build and Blast’


Investing in the creation of the CGI assets means they can be reused time and time again in future projects with the ability to simply modify or update the current design. Also, multiple views and intricate features of any product can be captured without the expense of assembling, storing and transportation costs.

Bush Industries were refreshing their range of commercial furniture products. This consisted of varying desk sizes, finishes and configurations all of which would prove to be very expensive on a photo shoot. Not only the assembly of each desk but also sourcing the right room environment to use. Photographing something in this quantity would have required multiple days of photography as the weather and time of day would greatly impact the overall look and feel.

With CGI we could keep lighting consistent as well as manage the assembly of each bundle variation in a very organised and simplistic way. Most bundles were made up of similar components and by referencing each component to build the various bundles, we only had to adjust a material or swap out a handle design at component level. This process would automatically update all the corresponding bundles ready for production rendering, which saved a lot of time.

Find out more about the project here: Bush ‘Commercial Furniture’


Today’s CGI has become so advanced that it is easily mistaken for a photograph of the real thing. We can visualise a product before it has been manufactured to see how it will look and react within a realistic setting. This will allow you to make important design decisions before you’ve even begun production.

We have been working with Roccbox from the very early stages of development right up to launch of their product, the Compact Wood & Gas Pizza Oven. We worked closely with the design team at Roccbox and provided CGI imagery and animation of their evolving design so that they could see the end product with realistic materials and lighting applied. This allowed them to make important design decisions throughout the development stage.

Prior to the official launch of the product, Roccbox required various images and videos for product packaging and marketing material. Since the physical product was yet to be made, CGI was used to create all the assets needed to boost product uplift and to inform customers about the product.

Find out more about the project here: Roccbox ‘Compact Wood & Gas Pizza Oven’


CGI provides the perfect environment where you are no longer restricted by location, weather and availability of physical products and assets. No project is too big or too small as all this is produced from the comfort of a studio where we have complete control, avoiding any unnecessary setbacks.

Finding a warehouse full of futuristic cargo and a robot arm to show off Panasonic’s ToughPad would certainly prove difficult in the real world. CGI gives us the ability to use our imagination for the look and feel of the environment and to make sure the product is presented in a way that captivates the audience. The warehouse continues to be a valuable asset for Panasonic as it has been used multiple times for various other marketing projects.

Find out more about the project here: Panasonic ‘Toughpad FZ-E1’


We understand consistency across a family of products is important. Lighting in the real world that inevitably changes throughout the day can greatly impact the look and feel of a product. By working with CGI we can freeze time to allow for complete control over colour, lighting and camera position across all products.

Each of the Nite watches within a series feature various design options which include a different coloured face, different type of strap or a case material finish. We were able to isolate individual elements such as the face and produce a render layer just of that different design. Not only did this speed up the rendering production but it meant that the other elements such as the strap and casing from the previous design could remain exactly the same.

For Nite Watches it was important to keep a consistency across the entire product range so that camera angle, reflections and lighting were the same throughout. With CGI there was no risk of camera or product movement between each image when using CGI, something that would prove difficult if using traditional photography methods especially across such a large range of watches.

Find out more about the project here: Nite Watches ‘MARQUESS’

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